​The World’s Most Advanced Aeration Controller

We designed the world's most advanced controller
by approaching aeration control with a unique perspective.


Keeping your grain at or below 18 deg C will keep the weevils out and avoids the overuse of Phosphine.

Generator Control

Only start the generator when the energy need exceeds what is available from the grid power.


In-silo drying allows for harvesting at higher moisture levels and ensures you avoids mould growth and crusting.

Solar Supply

For sites without mains power to  start the generator and to keep the communication system live.


Maintaining the grain in the same condition with smart fan control reduces your energy bill.

Remote Access

PC and mobile device access for ease of operation and factory backup support.

Fill lid control

When  opening the fill lid is the only way to vent, automatic fill lid control opens the lid only when required.

Data logging

The cloud based system provides full operational data as well as historical information.

How we'll work to complete your project



Understanding the customer’s needs is the beginning of all projects



The site layout determines what type of control system can be proposed



An initial a budget estimate is discussed so as to provide a suitable solution



A detailed proposal is provided including one or more options.



The design is finalised and  control panels and fans are manufactured and supplied.



Site installation using local contractors where possible to maintain local support.



System commissioning and training using Aeration Control Australia engineers.



Equipment and software support throughout the life of the control system

What our clients say

We haven't had a weevil on-farm since installing and using the aerators."Best of all is the fast return on investment, "The Aeration Manager retails at about $9,000 - but from experience I saw that this unit paid for itself in its' first season. "It's a no-brainer.

Stuart Saunders 

When aeration conditions are less than ideal, the Aeration Manager’s fan operating times can be significantly less. This results in lower fan operating costs. It also appears that the Aeration Manager holds grain at a more desirable and stable condition, thus reducing the risk of heating and spoilage

Prairie & Agricultural Machinery Institute

When selecting the Aeration Manager I based my decision on the capacity of the controller to activate the fans when the condition of the grain could be improved. And with the Aeration Manager’s ability to predict the grain condition this is just what we needed. The capacity to integrate our drag chain equipment and a our diesel generator has provided us with a complete grain management system

Brad Jones
Bungulla Farming

Frequently Asked Questions

I have different sized silos, how will your controller cope with that?

I do have enough power on site to have larger fans but is this just going to cost me more in energy for the same result?

I have enough power to control 4 fans at a time, what can I do to power the other 4. Shall I just alternate between silos?

Does the controller allow for multiple fans per silo and if so what happens to the predictions if one fan fails

My single fill lid will give me enough ventilation for the fans but I don’t like to leave it open all the time. What can I do?

Why do I need to enter the grain conditions when loading and do I need to do this for every load.

How do I know when a fan is supposed to be on?

Can I see how full my silo is during the loading process so that I can decide in which silo to put the next load?

What happens when the controller has reached its target?

My silos are in the middle of an area without any power, is there a solution for that?

I would like to increase the size of my fans but am weary about the cost associated with new cabling. Is there a low cost option?

I have more than 8 silos, do I need multiple controllers?

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