Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management is very much a high priority for local councils nowadays but in most cases this doesn’t go any further than putting a value and life time on its assets.

In most councils, there remains a lot to be desired in the upkeep of technical data for each of their parks. Drawings, if they are available at all, are mostly out of date and modifications to control systems are rarely recorded properly.

This is where the Asset Management comes in. Based on the DAD platform, the system allows for detailed information of all electrical equipment placed in a park.    
Not only does the system store each and every drawing related to individual parks, but more importantly every cable connection is provided in detail so that maintenance becomes so much more effective. Even every component is recorded in detail complete with part number, brand name and local supplier.

And the most important part of this is that all of this information is available on a tablet for use by a local technician. And, when provided with the correct access, the technician can update the system in the field thereby ensuring that the data remains current. 

Of course keeping this system up-to-date requires  technical and administrative activities but since all of this is cloud based, the team at Smart Park Control can maintain the system from their Joondalup office should you so desire.