Floodlight Control

Many sporting fields are equipped with floodlights for use during evening hours. These can come in variety of complexities.Some fields just have one or two lamps to make sure it is not totally dark while other locations need to comply with night-time sporting regulations which means lots of lights.

Especially where many lights are used, the cost can be high and in many cases it is a large part of sporting club budgets.

The Smart Floodlight Controller allows for a smarter way of controlling the lights which has the dual benefit of cost saving the clubs and the councils. With energy providers pushing to reduce wastage, this one will certainly tick the box.

Rather than just having a simple on/off switch that turns on all the lights, the Smart Floodlight Controller gives full control to each user of the park of each light pole as well as a live indication of the cost associated with the use the lights.

The RFID sensor at the controller requires the use of swipe cards that can either be pre-paid or post-paid. This identifies each user so there is never an argument anymore as to who has started or left on the lights.

Last but not least,  each system is connected to the internet using a wireless router allowing end-users as well as the council remote access to the lights and associated usage data. This also indicates when lamps are broken so that timely repair orders can be issued.