SmartPark Control

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We're capable of so much more than irrigation.
We offer a total end to end solution, from concept to completion.

Control Panels

Control Panels

Specially designed panels provide safe access for non electricians and uses cost saving designs through effective use of open communication protocols

BBQs & Path Lights

BBQs & Path Lights

Electric BBQs and path lighting improves the usability of parks. This system will monitor the health of the lights and usage patterns of BBQs

Remote Access

Remote Access

Cloud based PC and mobile device access to all park management functions with multi-layer password protection for staff and contractors

Tank Management

Tank Management

Tank level management with analog level sensing (0-100%) coupled with inflow and outflow alarms on freely selectable levels

Pump Control

Pump Control

Fully integrated PID control for single or multi-pump applications reduces control wiring and provides additional pump data to your control system

Water Quality Testing and Control

Water Quality Testing and Control

When using recycled effluent (RE) it is important to maintain chlorine levels. In-line chlorine and pH testing allows for accurate chlorine injection

Dosing Control

Dosing Control

Injection of fertiliser midstream of irrigation cycles allows for pre-wetting and watering-in periods

Weather Stations

Weather Stations

Evapo transpiration data from the weather station lets you adjust (within adjustable limits) the watering times of your irrigation programs

How we'll work to complete your project



Understanding the customer’s needs is the beginning of all projects



A site visit forms a crucial part of the process to provide a control system proposal.



During this visit a budget estimate is discussed so as to provide a suitable solution



A detailed proposal is provided including one or more options.



The control system is designed and control panels manufactured.



Site installation using local contractors where possible to maintain local support.



System commissioning and training using SmartPark Control engineers.



Telephone support and software updates throughout the life of the equipment.

What our clients say

During the tender process Henk flew over to make sure he understood our requirements. This fact, and the flexibility and expandability of the system made us select SmartPark system from Waterman Irrigation.

Grant Voss
Manager Engineering Services Town of Port Hedland

The SmartPark Central Irrigation system from Waterman Irrigation, first installed in 2003 has over the years been enhanced and upgraded and we now have over 20 sites some of which are managed by developers. Some of these sites cover several reserves with radio links and or two wire connectivity. We intend rolling out more sites in the coming years.

John Nilson
Manager Parks and Reserves City of Mandurah

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the irrigation controller work with multi-wire as well as 2-wire system?

I have two different water supplies for the same system. Will I need two controllers?

I have a number if irrigated fields in the same area. Do I need a controller for each?

I want to control the floodlights on our major football field. Can this be included in the controller.

I am loosing a lot of water though our standpipes but have no power supply available for control.

Do you know of any grant programs that can assist us in the implementation of your systems?

I am loosing a lot of water though our standpipes but have no power supply available for control.

My mobile reception is non existent, can I still get usage data from the Standpipe controller?

I have some vandalism issues with our BBQ (melting of plastics bottles). Can you BBQ control function fix that?

I have algae problems in my park lake but don’t have power available, can you fix that and how?

Can the Swipe card access to the floodlight system be replaced with just a pin code?

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