Discover the true meaning of a smart city

Take a look at the system more Australian councils rely on to manage their assets.

Smart City Control can be used to manage your public assets including:

Active and Passive Parks

Urban Public Places 

Buildings & Facilities

How smart do you want your city to be?
You can choose what level of control you have over your public assets.

Asset Management

The starting point in the road for to become a SmartCity is to identify your assets. Assets that can be monitored or controlled.  This should include individual components identification, pricing, where to get replacement parts and relevant drawings

Asset Monitoring

Monitoring your assets can have a big impact on the efficiency of your operation and as such can reduce council expenditure while at the same time allow for quicker responses to faults. Monitoring will mainly consist of data collection via the mobile phone network.

Asset Control

Many, but not all, your monitored assets can have a control function attached to it. This will allow automatic or remote manual adjustments of setpoints such as  pressure control on irrigation systems or dimming control on lighting systems. Even disconnection of power to vandalised assets.

Asset Access

Providing access to council facilities can be an administrative burden. A user-pay approach to things like floodlighting or local halls can increase efficiency while fuel supply access can provide detailed information as to where fuel is being used

Discover how smart your city is now by answering the 20 questions in the Smart City Blueprint Quiz.

How we'll work to complete your project



Understanding the customer’s needs is the beginning of all projects



A site visit forms  part of the process to provide a control system proposal.



During this visit a budget estimate is discussed so as to provide a suitable solution



A detailed proposal is provided including one or more options.



The control system is designed. Control panels  are manufactured and supplied.



Site installation using local contractors where possible to maintain local support.



System commissioning and training using our experienced engineers.



Equipment support and software updates for the life of the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this system require interaction with our IT staff to set up firewalls and the like

Can this system talk to other equipment and if so what communication protocol is used

Can the irrigation system get weather data from other sources

Can I have multiple pumps connected to the system and how will this work

Can I control the floodlight with my mobile phone

I already have an asset management system. What will your system add to that?

Can the same access card be used for multiple applications such as flood light control, venue access and standpipe access.

Apart from alarms will the system also provide event data

I have multiple relatively small parks to control, can I combine these?

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