Standpipe Control

Standpipe Controller is designed for use with Water Utility Supply lines or tanks to provide a secure, accurate measure of water consumption to assist in the prevention of water theft.

The usage data will be stored in the controller and on the cloud server for extraction by council personnel and end users. Access to this data is available via unique email addresses and passwords and is device independent which means it can be seen on PCs as well as mobiles.

As part of the data being transmitted to the cloud server it is now possible to provide pre-paid cards to end users that substantially reduces the administration cost.

This controller is ideal for the water distribution networks and similar businesses. With the ever increasing cost of water, it has become imperative for local governments to control and monitor the usage of water through water dispensing infrastructure

The Standpipe controller provides secure access via RFID swipe cards and, through the use of solar powered equipment, allows remote collection of usage data for invoices purposes. The linking of card numbers to users is done using master access to the software. Users can be deactivated by a simple tick against their name.

The controller can be used on water tanks as well as water distribution supply lines and include Fire Brigade bypass facilities.